Trois et Trois

February 16th

Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras falls on the day before Ash Wednesday, on which Lent begins. Long before masked revelers in New Orleans boogied down Bourbon Street tossing beads and kisses, the French had their own parties, complete with costumed men and women indulging in the richest and creamiest of buttery foods in preparation for the deprivation that Lent brings. People in France continue to revel today, parading the fattened calf down streets awaiting their just reward of galette and brioche. In celebration of Mardi Gras, Chef Vincent has fattened the menu and expanded the hours in which you can enjoy our sinful Trois et Trois. On Tuesday only, Vincent's will offer the Trois et Trois menu all evening for Mardi Gras diners who want to indulge their palates for whatever reason! Please join us for Mardi Gras; we assure you delicacies galore!

please select one item per course

First Course

Oysters Rockefeller
Totten Inlett Washington oysters topped with a savory creamed spinach and mozzarella cheese, flamed-broiled
Steak Tartar with Sun-Dried Tomato Rouille
Vincent’s steak tartar served over a bed of arugula and radicchio, topped with a sun-dried tomato rouille and capers, garnished with sieved eggs and served with toasted points
Escargots Bourguignonne
snails cooked in a parsley, shallot, and garlic butter sauce
Crayfish Bisque
topped with a warm puff-pastry biscuit
Crackling Salad with Spicy Glazed Pecans
bibb, frisée chicory and arugula tossed with a herb vinaigrette with pecans and cracklings

Second Course

Spicy Shrimp with Andouille Sausage on Creamy Grits
Blackened Petite Filet with Roquefort Sauce
filet mignon coated lightly with Cajun seasonings, blackened and cooked to preferred temperature, finished with a Roquefort cream sauce, served with potato gratin and a medley of seasonal vegetables
Trout Normandy with Confetti Rice
Idaho farm-raised rainbow trout seasoned and pan sautéed finished with a sauce prepared with shrimp, capers, hard-boiled eggs, fish stock, white wine and a dash of cayenne, served with seasonal vegetables and confetti rice
Lamb Loin en Croûte over Braised Greens
with a Black Trumpet Mushroom Sauce
New Zealand lamb loin crusted with herbs and garlic and wrapped in pastry,
baked to perfection and served sliced for braised greens,
finished with a black trumpet mushroom sauce
Cornish Game Hen over a Creamy Winter Succotash
cornish game hen seasoned with herbs and roasted,
served over a winter vegetable succotash

Third Course

Pets de Nonne
sinfully delicious…

What are Pets de Nonne?

Bread Pudding with Warm Bourbon Sauce
Dessert du Jour

per guest
all participating guests must be seated before 6pm
Trois et Trois dinners may not be shared or split
18 % gratuity will be charged for parties of six or more

Proprietor: Lisa Grumel
Chef: Brandon Hunsaker

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