What a Red Letter Year!

We have lots of new friends, and despite what we hear is an economic “slowdown,” it has pretty much passed us by. New customers come in to give us a try; new customers become regular or frequent customers; and those customers become friends—as are you! That is the most rewarding part of a business such as ours.

Our friends did not abandon us during Vincent’s recent surgery and recovery. It was a heart valve replacement to deal with a worsening problem which had started some months before. We are so blessed and fortunate as the surgery seems to have really brought him back to vigorous health. Lisa not only performed her many “jobs” (how to explain all the hats she wears?) but was the conduit between Vincent and the restaurant staff. He was only totally “out of it” for a few days, so once he was on his road to recovery he could help plan and keep a finger on operations with Lisa’s help.

You, as friends, asked some questions and Lisa was happy to keep you up to date on Vincent’s progress, but she didn’t make a point of getting out the news to curiosity seekers that he not was actually in the kitchen for a while. Here’s the good news…

HE’S BACK! Vincent has been in the kitchen “cheffing” and running things since before the holidays. So, not only do we thank you for your continued patronage and caring, but we have to take this opportunity to thank our devoted and excellent staff for efforts beyond the call of duty! They have seen us through without question or flagging. But we know they are happy to see Vincent by their side again, snapping out orders and requests in his inimitable French accent!

So to all of you as we wind up this year…It’s been a ride, a ride with a very comforting ending, gliding us right into this New Year. This new Leap Year—sure to bring new adventures in taste and good fellowship to all of our dear customers, friends and staff—and for it we wish you happiness, good cheer, and Bon Appétit!