Trois et Trois

October 30th-November 1st

please select one item per course

First Course

Roasted Red Bell Pepper Soup with a Pesto-Parmesan Crouton
Frog Legs Provençale
frog legs sautéed with garlic and parsley
Salade Lyonnaise
frisée and baby wild arugula tossed in a warm truffle oil vinaigrette with pancetta and seasoned croutons, topped with a farm-fresh poached egg

Second Course

Steak Haché and Truffle Fries
fresh ground Kobe beef cooked to preferred temperature, topped with caramelized shallots, sautéed mushrooms and finished with a bordelaise sauce,
served with truffle fries and steamed asparagus
Potato Wrapped Scottish Salmon with a Lemon-Chive Beurre Blanc
Scottish salmon wrapped with thinly sliced Yukon potatoes and pan roasted, finished with a lemon-chive beurre blanc and served with a medley of seasonal vegetables
Escalope de Veau Milanese
veal lightly coated with seasoned bread crumbs, pan sautéed with shallots, capers and a squeeze of lemon, finished with a brown butter sauce, served with house-made fettuccine and a medley of seasonal vegetables

Third Course

Roasted Fig Napoleon
a stack of roasted figs, puff pastry, pastry cream and whipped cream
Île Flottante
Floating Island – mounds of poached meringue, floating in crème anglaise
drizzled with warm caramel sauce and topped with almond florentine
Dessert du Jour

per guest
all participating guests must be seated before 6pm
Trois et Trois dinners may not be shared or split
18 % gratuity will be charged for parties of six or more

Proprietor: Lisa Grumel
Chef: Brandon Hunsaker

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