Mother's Day Lunch Menu

Mother’s day Dinner 2014

First Course

Beef Raviolis and Marchand de Vin
raviolis filled with a savory mixture of braised beef tenderloin, herbs, shallots and fresh mozzarella, served in a red wine reduction sauce and finished with shaved Parmesan
Shrimp en Croûte
prawns marinated with parsley and garlic, wrapped in puff pastry and baked,
served over a Brussels sprout slaw, finished with a roasted tomato coulis
Burrata Cheese wrapped in Prosciutto
fresh burrata cheese wrapped in prosciutto, served over a bed of wild baby arugula
and drizzled with olive oil

Second Course

choice of:

Spring Pea Soup
finished with a drizzled of Meyer lemon and thyme infused olive oil,
served with a herb-parmesan cheese crouton
Savory Mushroom Tart with Italian Parsley Salad
a medley of sautéed mushrooms, shallots, herbs and goat cheese top this savory tart,
topped with an Italian parsley salad
Bibb Salad with Roquefort Cheese and Spicy-Candied Pecans
bibb, endive and wild baby arugula tossed in a sherry-vinaigrette with shaved red onions, Roquefort cheese and spicy-candied pecans

Third Course

choice of:

Slow Roasted Angus Prime Rib with Bordelaise Sauce
bone-out Angus Prime Rib slow roasted, served with potato gratin
and a medley of seasonal vegetables
Coq au Vin and Fettuccini
classic French… Jidori chicken thigh-leg marinated in red wine with herbs and onions, simmered slowly with bacon and mushrooms, served with house-made fettuccini
and a medley of seasonal vegetables
Salmon Roulade served over a bed of Israeli Couscous, Spring Peas and Mint
Scottish salmon rolled with a savory blend of garlic and fresh herbs, pan sautéed and finished with a citrus glaze, plated over a bed of Israeli couscous with spring peas and fresh mint, served with seasonal vegetables

Fourth Course

choice of:

Strawberry Napoleon
a stack of fresh strawberries, flaky pastry, pastry cream and whipped cream
Bavarois au Chocolat
layered Bavarian cream, unmolded and topped with a Swiss chocolate sauce

per guest
Seating is limited.
4:30pm - 9:00pm
Please call the restaurant for reservations.