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Cruisin' Grand

Back by popular demand! Muscles are on Grand and will be every Friday night till October!
And if you are "Mussel Bound" for Vincent's you can stroll right down Grand Avenue admiring the Muscle Cars
parked along the curbs and spiffed up for your visual pleasure. Turn into Vincent's red door where he has succulent mussels for your gastronomical pleasure every Friday night.
If you're lucky he may have an outdoor table for you within the lovely wrought iron enclosure.
It's a repeat of last summer's hit: Vincent is offering an "all you can eat" special night, and what an event it is--

All You Can Eat of Mussels for $20!

So take advantage of Escondido's unique summer fun while MUSSELS (however you spell it) are in season.

This Week at Cruisin' Grand...

  • Winners' Circle
  • Final night of Cruise

These Friday nights of exhibiting vintage and muscle cars needn't intimidate those who prefer to drive and park closely to Vincent's either. Public parking is abundant on adjacent streets, though there is no parking for restaurant patrons on Grand Avenue, and Broadway is closed to traffic from Valley Parkway to Second Avenue.

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  • Moules Marinière
  • Mussels, Pesto, Peas and Pasta
  • Moules et Clams Espagnole
  • Mussels with Coconut Milk and Chipotles

Vincent's serves the Mediterranean Mussel (also known as Gallo or Blue-Black Mussel). This mussel has a bold taste and is the same species enjoyed for centuries throughout Italy, Spain and France. In order to provide the restaurant with the freshest and highest quality product, Chef Vincent Grumel orders the mussels direct from Carlsbad Aquafarms.

Aquafarm mussels are grown naturally in the waters of the Rancho Aqua Lagoon, San Diego where the unique tidal flow and rich nutrient cycles contribute to the exceptional flavor. And because Aquafarm uses a suspended long-line culturing method, mussels never come in contact with the sandy sea floor, thus producing a clean mussel free of grit and sand.